Saturday, November 18, 2006

So much for originality.

I thought I was being really clever and unique when I called this blog "nekkidknitter". It's a running joke sort of probably don't want the whole story so just suffice it to say that I had my reasons. Anyway, imagine my surprise today when I stumbled across I was a little mortified, actually...because this person has clearly been blogging since before I even learned to knit. So I've emailed her to ask if she is okay with me using this name...because I figure that's the polite thing to do. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Wifey is coming along nicely. I didn't do much more than a row or two yesterday - work was nuts. But today, a friend was in town from Seattle, and I worked on Wifey while we hung out at Borders. I also worked on it some more this evening, and this was the result:

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It's approximately 25" long, and I haven't used up the first skein yet. I think 3 skeins will be just about right.

Yarn diet? What yarn diet? My friend Lora called this evening and wanted me to go to Michael's with her. I was very good there, honest...all I bought was a frame for our Glamour Shots collage and the stuff needed to make it hang. But then, then we went to JoAnn's. I am absolutely in love with their Tesoro yarn, and have been buying it a skein at a time with my biweekly(ish) 40% off coupon. Till Tuesday, though, this lovely yarn is on sale for 40% off, no coupon required. When I walked in, I had absolutely no intentions of buying any more. I've managed to accumulate about a dozen balls (same dyelot!) of the lavender color I intend to use to make myself a winter set. I don't know how, but I never noticed that they also had it in pink. Still, I was going to be strong. Then I saw this:

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My sincerest apologies for the glare from the flash. I'm too tired to do anything about it, and my camera battery barely lasted long enough to get these pics off so there can be no new pics at the moment. Anyway, this was on sale for $15, and I'm not sure why (especially since I generally loathe fake gold stuff) but I fell in love with it. That, and a few other miscellaneous things, put me at a total of about $21. Well, I also had this coupon for $5 off a $25 order. If only I could find something costing $4 or would be like getting it for free! You know where this is going. I bought three skeins. Why three? Because I'd only been loosely adding to come up with that $21, and I had to be absolutely certain that my total would be over the requisite $25. Honest.

Ugh. So tired. It feels like it should be about 1 a.m., but it's only 11:37 p.m. It's been a very long day, and tomorrow will be even worse. Tomorrow is the day that I deliver all the stuff I've been accumulating to the woman whose house burned down. I'm actually pretty proud of myself - with the help of my family, she'll be getting:

- practically new full mattress and box spring
- eggcrate-esque mattress pad, two pillows, two sets of sheets, and two cotton thermal blankets
- set of pots and pans
- vacuum
- 46-piece flatware set
- set of three stainless steel mixing bowls (these have lids which I will eventually locate and also give her)
- fleece lap blanket
- red heart-shaped "squoosh" pillow - this serves no real purpose, but I think her 9 YO daughter will get a kick out of it
- package of Thank You cards

I also really need to make a decision about the dinette set. I have been on the fence for weeks about giving mine to her and getting one of my grandmother's tables and chairs. The primary obstacle has been the fact that the room with all Nanny's furniture has been piled high with stuff; well, that will change tomorrow because there's no other way to get the bed out. So I'll have the opportunity to check out the available tables - and I've got to decide once and for all. Tomorrow would be an ideal time to take my dinette to her, because it's got a glass top which could be protected in transit by resting in between the mattress and box.

Oh well. Tomorrow's a new day. Mr. Nekkid's already asleep on the couch, so I think that's my cue.

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