Monday, August 20, 2007

On a roll

I finished another languishing WIP today. It's a panta, and I'm pretty sure that it's been on the needles since March or April. (I remember putting it aside when it ceased to be frigidly cold earlier this year.)

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It's made out of...well, I don't really remember. I think maybe something by Blue Sky Alpacas. Whatever it is, I know I only bought one skein of it, and I still have a little left over.

Then there's today's LYS 30% off purchases:

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- 3 skeins Berroco Ultra Silk (40/40/20 rayon/nylon/silk) in color 6119
- 3 skeins Berroco Ultra Silk in color 6147
- 4 skeins GGH Linova (74/26 cotton/linen) in some unbleached cotton-ish color

The Ultra Silk is destined to become more wine bottle bags. I'm hoping to refine the pattern a bit and submit it to Knitty. Haven't a clue what to do with the Linova, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Lastly, my bday present from Mr. Nekkid should be here soon! I'm very excited. :)

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