Thursday, April 30, 2009

Done and blocking!


Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert

Yarn: Mirasol Chirapa, purchased at Twist Yarn Shop in Wichita, KS., on New Year's Eve when Mr. Nekkid and I went up there overnight. Colorway 703, barely more than 4 skeins - it can't have taken more than 700 yds.

Blocked size: 70" x 18", which makes me wonder how much larger my other Clap would be if I blocked it.

Started January 2, 2009, and finished April 30, 2009...obviously with some hibernation time. :) All told I'd say it would have taken me about 3 weeks if I'd worked on it straight through. I absolutely love it and I hope we have at least one more chilly evening before summer takes over and makes me wish I were dead, or at least in Antarctica.

I also made Mr. Nekkid's hat...luckily I finished in time for him to wear it a few times. I am really, really pleased with how it turned out.


Pattern: Yar! by Michelle Booher

Yarns: Cascade 220 in 8886 Royal Purple and Patons Classic Wool Merino in 00225 Dark Grey Mix. I used slightly less than half a skein of each.

I made a few small mistakes, but they really aren't noticeable. If I were making it for myself I'd be disappointed with the size, because it's slightly too small for me. But since Mr. Nekkid shaves his head, it fits him perfectly. I'm still trying to figure out what my own double-knitted hat is going to look like. I really wanted to make one that's just plain with the Cheesylove heart motif around it for a stripe...but the repeat isn't a good number of stitches to make the right sized hat and it's not easily resizable. I'll figure out something, I guess.

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Blogger Knit-O-Matic said...

Love your Clap! Been thinking about making one for a while now but I just can't settle on a yarn. I was thinking of going the lace weight direction and it could be a spring scarf or something. What do you think?

10:13 PM  
Blogger nekkidknitter said...

Sounds lovely! One of the best things about the Clap is the adaptability of the pattern...if you did lace weight but didn't change the number of repeats it probably would be just about right for a scarf.

1:19 PM  

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