Thursday, November 08, 2007

'Tis the Season

Recently, Mr. Nekkid asked me if I'd given any thought to what I wanted for Christmas. Deciding that it was probably best for me not to ask him what sort of idiot would ask me a question like that...since I've pretty much already decided (for the moment) what I want for the next 10 Christmases...instead I said, "Well, I may have given it some thought. You know, in passing." "Oh? So what might you want?" "Ummm, well, just off the top of my head...a KnitPicks Options Nickel-plated interchangeable needle set?"

I pretty much forgot about it after that. That is, until the new KnitPicks catalog came in the mail a week or so later. Lo and behold, my beloved interchangeable set is on page 3. So I left the catalog open next to the computer:

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I am nothing if not subtle.

Two skeins of Cascade 220, procured from ebay for a good 30% off retail. Woo!

A destashing hat, using scraps of Cascade 220 and random worsted cotton. Although the Cascade went way farther than I expected...and I basically made the whole hat out of it. The cotton ran out just shy of the decreases, so I found some more to finish it off. It's destined for charity.

A hat out of Cascade 220, using a stitch pattern from the first Vogue Stitchionary. It was intended for me, but I got anxious and ended too soon, so it turned out too short. It'll fit someone, though, so it's going to charity too.

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Washcloths and a bib to give to a friend, along with...

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The Pea Pod Baby Sweater, now with buttons! (I found them, like, two days before the baby shower and sewed them on the night before.)

That's all for now. I have some more yarn pr0n to share but I think I'll pace myself.

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