Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow day!

At least, I'm hoping for one tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've been surprisingly busy...

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Upper left: swatch of Solid Woven Lattice from p183 of Donna Kooler's encyclopedia of knitting (although it's probably in most stitchionaries). One strand of Caron Wintuk (100% acrylic) in Soft Lilac, Crystal Palace US 9 bamboo needles.

Lower left: swatch of Vertical Weave from p6 of Leisure Arts Little Books Beginner's Guide Knit Stitches & Easy Projects (again, probably in most stitchionaries). Leftover yarn from Cabled Christmas Stocking.

Bottom center: Odessa in progress. Made from Jo-Ann Sensations Bellezza Collection Tesoro (100% wool) in Purple, currently on my cool and totally retro Susan Bates SilvaLume DPNs, US 6. (They're really long, but I love them!) I'm really hoping to finish this this weekend, actually, because it done got COLD here. Current temp is 23 F, and there's at least 6" of snow on the ground. I'm reasonably certain that I'm not going to work tomorrow, even if the office is open.

Upper right: Finished Cabled Christmas Stocking! There will be no close-up of the toe, because I totally hosed the grafting. But at least I know what I did wrong, and it's just a stocking, not a sock. Here's a slightly closer pic, though:

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Top center: Package for my cool and totally retro Susan Bates SilvaLume DPNs. I inherited these (as well as another set in US 8) from my grandmother. I wish she'd had more...they're fantastic. They're slick aluminum, but not too slick. The surface is ever so slightly textured so stitches don't just jump off. But here's what's cool about the package:

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Hee hee! Apparently they're going for "smooth as a baby's bum" or something. I heart retro graphics! The best part:

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These originally cost 90 cents. Oh yes, and the backdrop all these lovely pics? That would be my luscious new chocolate brown microsuede duvet cover. Totally machine washable, and totally cheap. I paid $19.99 for it and the two matching shams from Amazon. I even got free shipping because I was buying something else too and spent over $35 ($25?). The $19.99 price seems to come and go, but at the time I'm posting this - 11:02 central time - it's available. (Note that the color is much better on Amazon's site - mine is affected by the crappy lighting in my bedroom.)

Anyway. Assuming that the roads are at least somewhat passable tomorrow, I'm totally going to go to the LYS and get help with the baby sweater. Pics will follow!

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Baby's First Sock

I've never successfully turned a sock heel. Until tonight. (Thanks!)

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Yeah, okay, it's a crappy picture. I'll make more of an effort when it's finished and when it's not 10:25 p.m. on a school night. :( Sadly, I think this might turn out to be Tallulah's stocking, because it's much smaller than I intended. Oh well. I did pick up some sz. 15 DPNs tonight (for $23 with tax, ouch!) so hubby and I can have larger stockings. At least it knits up quickly. Mine was originally going to be this red one, but I think I'll go with two strands of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in White Frost instead. Yeah, okay, that's a crappy picture too. It's white and sparkly, though, trust me. Mr. Nekkid's will be Red Heart Soft Yarn in Grass Green (which I already have on hand).

Bonus Wifey pic:

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I do indeed have it folded in half and then pulled through. That's why I like my scarves long and skinny. :)

Tomorrow: with any luck I'll have a finished Christmas stocking to show off. Hooray!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wifey is done!

That didn't take nearly as long as I expected.

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Three skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in red
Crystal Palace bamboo sz. US 10.5
13 stitches cast on, simple moss stitch pattern
Finished size: approximately 3.5" wide by 100" long

Since I have so much time before I need to finish Cozy, naturally I've started something else instead.

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Pattern: Cabled Christmas Stocking by YarnThrower
Yarn: Two strands of Red Heart Soft Yarn in Wine (color is not well-represented in this really is a nice wine/maroon color)
Needles: US 10.5 Crystal Palace DPNs (Yes, this is quite a bit smaller than the pattern calls for. But Wal-Mart didn't have anything even close to US 13 so I had to use what I had on hand. No, I couldn't wait until the LYS opened tomorrow...)
Gauge: Nowhere near what is called for. But it's a Christmas doesn't really matter much. A smaller stocking just means that pretty much only cash and gift cards will fit. :P

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Blah blah blah.

Mondays suck, etc. But I did get the boss's bday cake done:

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Hee hee. And I didn't even get fired. :D

Here's a totally random pic for you:

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We had such classy neighbors at our old apartment.

Wifey is progressing. I think it's up to about 47" long, and I'm guessing that the second skein is close to halfway used up. I'll spare you another looks just like the previous one only longer.

I did three loads of laundry tonight, and vacuumed the hallway and kitchen. Well, I watched Children of the Corn...Fred vacuumed. Who's Fred you ask? I wish I could say he's my cabana boy, but alas, the truth is much less exciting.

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Still, Fred was worth every penny. It's about bedtime, and I still have a bit of laundry to put up. So I'll leave you with a bit of yarn pr0n...the three balls of pink Tesoro I purchased on Saturday.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

So much for originality.

I thought I was being really clever and unique when I called this blog "nekkidknitter". It's a running joke sort of probably don't want the whole story so just suffice it to say that I had my reasons. Anyway, imagine my surprise today when I stumbled across I was a little mortified, actually...because this person has clearly been blogging since before I even learned to knit. So I've emailed her to ask if she is okay with me using this name...because I figure that's the polite thing to do. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Wifey is coming along nicely. I didn't do much more than a row or two yesterday - work was nuts. But today, a friend was in town from Seattle, and I worked on Wifey while we hung out at Borders. I also worked on it some more this evening, and this was the result:

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It's approximately 25" long, and I haven't used up the first skein yet. I think 3 skeins will be just about right.

Yarn diet? What yarn diet? My friend Lora called this evening and wanted me to go to Michael's with her. I was very good there, honest...all I bought was a frame for our Glamour Shots collage and the stuff needed to make it hang. But then, then we went to JoAnn's. I am absolutely in love with their Tesoro yarn, and have been buying it a skein at a time with my biweekly(ish) 40% off coupon. Till Tuesday, though, this lovely yarn is on sale for 40% off, no coupon required. When I walked in, I had absolutely no intentions of buying any more. I've managed to accumulate about a dozen balls (same dyelot!) of the lavender color I intend to use to make myself a winter set. I don't know how, but I never noticed that they also had it in pink. Still, I was going to be strong. Then I saw this:

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My sincerest apologies for the glare from the flash. I'm too tired to do anything about it, and my camera battery barely lasted long enough to get these pics off so there can be no new pics at the moment. Anyway, this was on sale for $15, and I'm not sure why (especially since I generally loathe fake gold stuff) but I fell in love with it. That, and a few other miscellaneous things, put me at a total of about $21. Well, I also had this coupon for $5 off a $25 order. If only I could find something costing $4 or would be like getting it for free! You know where this is going. I bought three skeins. Why three? Because I'd only been loosely adding to come up with that $21, and I had to be absolutely certain that my total would be over the requisite $25. Honest.

Ugh. So tired. It feels like it should be about 1 a.m., but it's only 11:37 p.m. It's been a very long day, and tomorrow will be even worse. Tomorrow is the day that I deliver all the stuff I've been accumulating to the woman whose house burned down. I'm actually pretty proud of myself - with the help of my family, she'll be getting:

- practically new full mattress and box spring
- eggcrate-esque mattress pad, two pillows, two sets of sheets, and two cotton thermal blankets
- set of pots and pans
- vacuum
- 46-piece flatware set
- set of three stainless steel mixing bowls (these have lids which I will eventually locate and also give her)
- fleece lap blanket
- red heart-shaped "squoosh" pillow - this serves no real purpose, but I think her 9 YO daughter will get a kick out of it
- package of Thank You cards

I also really need to make a decision about the dinette set. I have been on the fence for weeks about giving mine to her and getting one of my grandmother's tables and chairs. The primary obstacle has been the fact that the room with all Nanny's furniture has been piled high with stuff; well, that will change tomorrow because there's no other way to get the bed out. So I'll have the opportunity to check out the available tables - and I've got to decide once and for all. Tomorrow would be an ideal time to take my dinette to her, because it's got a glass top which could be protected in transit by resting in between the mattress and box.

Oh well. Tomorrow's a new day. Mr. Nekkid's already asleep on the couch, so I think that's my cue.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fickle-hearted woman.

Good news first: I found the rest of the yarn for Cozy! Not surprisingly, in the same box was also my red Cashmerino! Hoorays!

So much for not starting anything new. But this is necessary, honest...see, it turned cold today. Yes, I have scarves, but what I don't have is a scarf made out of cashmerino that will actually keep me warm. I have cheapy synthetic scarves that do nothing to insulate - they just make me sweat underneath them, and offer no protection at all for when the wind actually picks up. And I couldn't steal Mr. Nekkid's scarf because he actually bothered to wear it today. Since the Cashmerino has been found, I cast on - with apologies to Judy Blume - the Wifey scarf tonight. (I figured it was only appropriate since I called the previous one Hubby.)

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Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in red, Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs (only because that's what I happened to have) sz. US10.5, moss stitch with 13 stitches cast on. For comparison, the Hubby scarf had 23 stitches. It is approximately 3.5" wide, and I will probably use 3 skeins for it too. Yes, that will result in a scarf significantly longer than I am tall, and yes, that is exactly what I want. :) Surprisingly enough, even though I used the flash on this, the color is fairly true. Maybe this throw pillow is an ideal backdrop for such things...maybe it's so bright that the camera thinks it needs less flash. Who knows...but I'll have to try it again and see if the results can be duplicated.

Meanwhile, Cozy will be relegated to WIP storage (also knows as my living room floor) until Wifey is finished. I just have to finish quick, because Cozy needs to be done by the first week of February. It takes me just over 1 hour to finish 1 pattern repeat, and my roughest estimates indicate that I will need about 50 more repeats. Yes, I could technically knock that out in a week or so...if I did nothing but work and knit. Mr. Nekkid, however, has the expectation that he will be able to spend at least a little quality time with me here and there (I know, the nerve!) so that's not going to happen. Instead, once I'm back on it, I'll shoot for one repeat per weekday, and two repeats per weekend day. Hopefully that will enable me to finish it before the deadline even if I don't get back to it till after Christmas.

In other news, we met Tallulah on Tuesday night. We were very taken with her, and have stepped up preparations to bring her home. In keeping with my tradition of putting the cart before the horse, I have already chosen her food dishes, bed, litter box, toys...but have no concrete plans on where these objects will actually go. Ah well, it will all come together. I would have spent tonight getting some of those things in order, but instead, I spent it baking a Praline-Pumpkin Cake. (Recipe calls for store-bought icing but I made C&H Cream Cheese Icing instead.) Yum yum. I'll probably make it again (if for no other reason than to use up the leftover pumpkin) for Thanksgiving. Oh, and Sunday's project is the Hershey's Brownie Cemetery boss turns 50 on Monday. >:-D There will definitely be pictures of that.

Nighty night!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I have a problem.

This is Cozy.

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I am pretty proud of it. I don't want to jinx myself by singing my praises too much, but suffice it to say that it has gone reasonably well thus far. Unstretched and unblocked, it is currently 7.5" long. However, I have hit a snag.

This is how much yarn I am currently able to locate for purposes of continuing Cozy.

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I'm not positive, but I don't think that will be quite enough.

See, we moved about a month ago. Until a week ago, all my WIPs and all of my stash were packed. I managed to locate one WIP box (I know there is at least one more) but I am at a loss as to how to go about unpacking the rest. My stash storage used to consist of three laundry baskets. Now, however, it seems that Tallulah may be joining the family.

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I'm sure I don't need to explain why having baskets of yarn lying about would not be the best plan. So the stash remains in boxes until I can come up with a storage method that is at least mostly contained and not wide open to the world and Tallulah.

Somewhere in those four boxes is nine more balls of the yarn for Cozy, which is plenty considering that I've done more than 10% of the project with only 10% of the yarn. Maybe I'll have enough leftover for a panta... Alas, I may have to pick up one of the other WIPs instead. This could work out well for my can't-finish-it-itis, though...if I am forced to work on everything until I run out of yarn, then I will get considerably farther along in them than if I had eleventy gajillion other yarns and projects to choose from. Of course, I could buy more yarn, but that would require funds that are not available to me at this time. And I've already played the, "Honey, can I have this for Christmas?" card for purposes of obtaining new cookware. (I know, I know, this means I'll actually have to cook every now and then. But it's for a good cause, really, because my old cookware is to be donated to a coworker whose townhouse caught fire a few weeks ago.)

I'll leave you with a bit of yarn pr0n. This, along with three or four more balls, also resides in the stash, and it will become a scarf for me that (sort of) matches the one I just finished for Mr. Nekkid. But I'm fond of long skinny scarves, so mine will probably be about half as wide and twice as long. No, I'm not kidding.

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If you think I am, I'll show you the 9' monstrosity that was my very first FO. It's itchy, but damn if it doesn't keep me warm.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I think it's working!

I'm already inspired. So inspired, in fact, that tonight I finished Mr. Nekkid's scarf! This has been a WIP for, oh, six or seven months now. It was just really hard to work on it during an Oklahoma summer - it was like a little skinny lap blanket. But now it's done, just in time for the 70 degree November weather. >.<

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Pattern: simple moss stitch, CO 23
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in black
Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo, sz. US 10.5
Finished size: approximately 5.5" wide by 6' long

Now I just need to finish the Pea Pod Baby Sweater for the baby that's due in January. It has lacked only attaching the sleeves for, oh, two months now. I've never actually done that before, and I want it to be just right. I need to take it to the LYS and get some help...but I'm trying to resist because that place is always bad for my budget. And it's already stretched pretty thin thanks to all the things we needed for the move. Oh well. Someday soon I'll just have to leave the CC at home and venture out...

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 1

So...I'm hoping that having a blog will inspire me to do more knitting. I got out of the habit shortly before we moved - Mr. Nekkid was sick, I was sick...and then we moved and ugh. I don't even know where the rest of my WIPs are at the moment. I did find one, though, and I finished it last night.

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(Thanks to Hello Kitty for her modeling services.)

It's just a simple no-pattern hat, random Red Heart Super Saver variegated yarn, using the Yarn Harlot's hat formula. I figure it will fit a small child or a doll. If my niece doesn't claim it, I'll donate it to charity.

So there you have it, my first knitblog post. Here's hoping it works!

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